Parallel Worlds

Included here are the monster concepts and storyboards for independent horror film Parallel Worlds. The monster is described as a humanoid that lives entirely in the dark between this world and parallel universes. He is the gate keeper blocking your way to freedom. I was asked to design a character that would need little CG effects so had to be human like in stature and look like it had spent it's life in the dark. Maybe someone that had gotten trapped and evolved over thousands of years stuck in the between and survives feasting on those travelling between worlds. I designed the monster based on deep see fish with bulbous eyes and pale almost see through skin.

The storyboard shows the lead character Ari's journey into the monsters realm, he has to pass through a mirror portal to get there. I have included my original sketches along with the final images to show the edits made by the director based on his budget and visions of how the effects will look.